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1HZ Touring Spares

While we’re not mechanics we’ve had our fair share of breakdowns, both mechanical and emotional on the side of the road. Usually in some shithole, where there’s no phone reception and it’s 40°C, but that’s all part of the journey right?

We’ve owned and maintained a couple 1HZ Troopys over the last ten years and we’ve lived in our current set up for the last two years and counting.

Our list of spares, consumables and tools is by no means gospel, it’s just what we have found works for us. In saying that, you may wish to add your own items to the list below. The following is what we like to carry in the Troopy while we’re travelling remotely.

If you're getting organised for a big trip it may be helpful to print the blog and tick items off as you pack them.



Belts x4

Timing belt, 2x fan/alternator belts and AC belt (the AC belt is not essential but we carry one anyway so that we can replace it if need be)

Wheel bearings x2

The bearings themselves are the same for the front and rear however the seals in each kit vary slightly. Ensure you’ve got all the parts you need before heading off

Fuel filters

Primary and secondary (including o-rings)

Air filter

Just in case the original becomes wet, clogged or damaged

Oil filter

For the unlikely event that the original is damaged

Assorted nuts/bolts/washers/screws/hose clamps

This has saved us more times than I can remember and shouldn’t be overlooked

Radiator hoses

Top and bottom (including hose clamps)



Several lengths of varying sizes


Make sure you have spares for all sizes in your setup


Not essential but handy to have them onboard in case one fails

Fusible link

In the unlikely event that you blow one

Assorted lugs/connectors

Varying sizes and types for all relevant joins and terminations

Anderson plugs

A spare anderson doesn’t go astray if you’ve got a few installed in your rig


Duct tape

For anything and everything

Electrical tape

Handy for repairing damaged cable insulation etc.

Fencing wire

Useful for tying things back in place

Cable ties

Pack a few different sizes


Handy for securing runaway nuts/bolts. We carry the medium strength (blue)

Wheel bearing grease

We carry a 500g tub which is generally enough for 2x bearings

General purpose grease

For all the other moving parts


For stubborn nuts etc.

Coolant concentrate

Just in case you spring a leak and have to add fresh coolant

Engine oil

To top up the sump if there’s a leak or your engine burns some

Gasket maker

Because you're not going to be carrying every gasket you might need

Metal putty

A last resort but at least it’s there if you need it

Silicone sealant

Useful for odd repairs e.g. a leaky roof

Windscreen washer detergent

Self explanatory


Handy for cleaning up parts, especially hubs when changing wheel bearings


Self explanatory

Brake/clutch fluid (DOT 3)

To top up if you spring a leak


Oil based grease degrades rubber (e.g. of your brake caliper boots) so vaso is a good substitute. Also handy if you’re stuck out bush for a while by yourself

Emery paper

A sheet or two of emery can be useful for cleaning parts up


Always carry enough water to top up your radiator


We like to use full strength or rum depending on the severity of the breakdown


We carry all of our tools in a quality canvas tool roll.

Note: Toyota intelligently built the LandCruiser with metric fixings so keep this in mind when selecting your tool kit.

Hand Tools:

Ring spanners set

Metric sizes

Open ended spanner set

Metric sizes

Ratchet spanners

Metric sizes - not essential but can make life easier at times

1/2” socket set

We like to consolidate our socket sets into smaller bags with just the sizes we will need

1/4” socket set

As above

Shifters (one small, one large)

We don’t like to use them but you never know

54mm hub nut socket

This is for the front wheel bearing lock nuts. Ours has a 1/2" drive so we can use it with our ratchet

Multi grips

Handy for grabbing things

Vice grips

Handy for grabbing things tightly

Oil filter wrench

For easily removing the oil filter


One with a bit of oomph - about 500g should do the trick

Punches (several different sizes)

Many uses including tapping new bearing races into hubs

Cold chisel

We carry a couple of different sizes

Screwdriver set

Flat blades and phillips of varying sizes and lengths. The Stanley kits are great for this

Allen keys

For any aftermarket accessories


Carry a spare blade or two in case you snap one


We use and love the black panthers

Old toothbrush

Handy for cleaning up intricate parts

Wire brush

Useful for cleaning up parts and threads

Stanley knife

Handy for cutting jobs e.g. electrical insulation


In case you need to terminate any cables

Combination pliers

For electrical work etc.

Side cutters

For stripping cables etc.

Long nose pliers

Handy for grabbing objects in tight spaces

Circlip pliers

Useful for replacing front wheel bearings (a circlip holds the end of the axle in place)


Not essential but we’ve had a couple of wheel bearings seize in place when they fail


Different grades and shapes (flat/round/thread file)

Easy outs

For screws/bolts with damaged heads. You will need access to a drill to make use of these

Puncture repair kit

Find one that includes spare valves, valve stems and valve caps

Grease gun

For greasing nipples

Drip tray

If you're doing oil changes on the road then you will need a drip tray for the waste sump oil


Handy for oil changes but you can always make one from an old bottle if need be

Power Tools:

Impact driver/sockets

For convenience and stubborn nuts/bolts

Grinder/assorted discs

For cutting steel and cleaning up surfaces

Drill/assorted bits

Also chuck in a centre punch for accurate drilling

Please keep in mind this list is specifically for our 1997 HZJ75RV and individual models may vary.

There’s plenty of good tutorial videos out there (links below) and we also carry a Gregory’s manual which can be super handy too.

We hope this guide has been helpful! If you have any questions, or think there's something we should add to the list feel free to send us a message via the contacts tab.


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