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We are Nick and Lillie - the faces behind OGS. We're a young couple from Newcastle on the east coast of Australia. We've both always had a strong passion for our country - the beautiful landscapes and the legendary personalities that make it so unique. From the Kimberley's to Cradle Mountain and everywhere in between. This passion is our motive behind our products and the legendary service we aim to provide to every one of our customers.

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We had always wanted a little business of our own, one that we could run from the road, could be sustainable and we had a strong passion for. We were never looking to make a lot of money or anything like that, but if we could enjoy what we were doing and maybe buy a case of tinnies at the end of the week that was enough for us. We were stuck for ideas and even tried some other ventures with no success, however while we were decking out our beloved Troopy in 2020, in preparation to travel Australia full time, we were brainstorming creative storage solutions and bringing them to life. We thought we had some half-decent ideas so we decided to give things a crack and build our business around these products - thus OGS was born.

We're constantly doing our best to improve what we do and provide the best possible outcomes for our customers so feel free to swing us a message through our contact page if you have any suggestions or just want to say g'day!

We personally use every one of our products and back them until the cows come home.

Feel free to check out our personal travel account on Instagram at @nickandlil

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