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The Magpie Junior
  • The Magpie Junior

    Know the bloke who invented sliced bread? Tell him we've got something better.


    Picture this, you pull into camp and little Billy and Sally are running around like a couple of headless chooks while you're trying to set up so that you can dive into the Engel ASAP. 


    Simply send them on their way with an OGS kids firewood sling and have them collect all the kindling for the evening bush tele. 


    Our slings are made from the toughest Aussie canvas available which we then double over for even more durability. They've got black edging for protection and 25mm polyester webbing straps (seatbelt material) sewed all the way around for optimal support. They also fold up nicely so they take up minimal space and can be easily stashed away!


    We tried to kidnap a kid for the photoshoot but those little buggers run fast.


    Material: 15oz Australian made Dynaproofed canvas


    L: 500      W: 400


    Each roll of canvas we use may vary slightly in pigment and finish, therefore may not be identical to the images above.

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